About Intuitive Healing - Elouise Taylor
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Intuitive Healing is a powerful self-actualisation tool developed from over a decade of research by Empath & Scientist, Elke Elouise Taylor.  This easy to follow process begins by clearly identifying old insecurities & emotional pain that block our connection to who we authentically are. You are then lovingly guided in how to transform these old wounds into wisdom & strength, getting you back on path, & into vibrational alignment, with what you came here to do.

More about Elke Elouise

Elke Elouise Taylor holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Graduate degree in Science, from the University of Sydney, Australia. She also comes from a long family line of psychics, something she felt ashamed of & kept secret for many years. As a natural Empath (someone who can see & read emotional energy) her research now bridges the gap between science & spirituality. Ms Taylor also travels extensively exploring ancient philosophies & old tribal cultures, many of these practices influence the constantly evolving Intuitive Healing process.

What results can I expect?

Self-respect, healthy boundaries, greater confidence & self-esteem, inner-peace, emotional strength, self-trust.

At the end of each session you will feel an overwhelming sense of joy, ease, flow & freedom.

How do I do Intuitive Healing sessions?

No matter where you live, sessions can be done on video call or phone from anywhere in the world. Be sure to include your time zone when you get in touch.

How much do the sessions cost?

You can request a price list in three different currencies US$, AU$ and €uros.

How long will it take before I see results?

Your current life situation didn’t happen overnight, so expecting a quick fix is unrealistic. How quickly you see results depends on your level of self awareness & your commitment to change. The fastest someone has turned their life around is 3 months, the longest 12 months. You will likely fall somewhere in between.


I’m not sure I can afford this, can I sample the work first?

“Change from Within” (available from Amazon), breaks down the Intuitive Healing process with daily meditations. This Stress Reduction recording, breaks down the Intuitive Healing process in a step-by-step, easy to follow guided-meditation. You can also book a 15-minute, free-of-charge, meeting to chat with Elke Elouise & ask any questions.


OK, I’m ready to do this, what do I do now?

Get in touch and we’ll send out an Evaluation Form before setting up your 15-minute introductory meeting. Due to the degree of self-awareness this process requires, following this meeting Ms Taylor will unfortunately decline those she feels aren’t ready to work at this advanced level.