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Time and money well spent.

Sonya T. –  Australia

Before I started with Elke Elouise I had gone through many different types of counseling, all without lasting success.  So when I was recommended Elke I was very skeptical.  I have been dealing with issues for many years and each week she would help me to bring these issues forward and look at them in a whole new way.  The tools she has given me have finally allowed me to look at my feelings in a positive, loving way that I never thought possible.  I now have a sense of clarity and freedom and I am able to see things in a way I never thought possible.  The session went very deep but I always felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with her.  So I can say in the 6 sessions I had with Elke, it was time and money well spent and I would highly recommend her.

Helped to teach me simple methods to clear difficult emotions.

Audrey N. – United Kingdom

When you’re feeling vulnerable trust is a big issue. Especially choosing to work with someone you find online. How do you know you can trust someone you don’t know, especially with personal & sensitive issues? After reading through Elke Elouise’s website and seeing her photo, I felt drawn towards her presence, went with my gut and made my first appointment. I am so thankful that I did! From our first session I felt secure and ‘held’ in a safe space. Elke exuded a warmth & kindness while offering me a firm structure to help guide me into difficult feelings that I would rather have avoided. This was not easy. While thinking I was beyond just analyzing & talking about ‘my story’, when really deep challenging feelings came up, and I had to really feel & go into them, as fast as humanly possible I made a swift beeline back to analyzing and talking about ‘the story’! But with a gentle but firm hand, Elke wouldn’t allow me to loose this opportunity to step into the healing. And tenderly I was brought back to the threshold of moving into the hurt and pain in order to discover the power that lay behind the wounds. And what power there was. Without sounding trite I felt my Self, my real self, in all in its ‘isness’ and fullness. It felt like a very old cloak was removed allowing an inner light & radiance to sparkle. Over time Elke helped to teach me simple methods to clear difficult emotions quickly. I am truly grateful for the exceptional and gifted manner in which she did this. Thank you Elke Elouise!

Elke really has a special gift.

Patrick H. – Berlin, Germany

Before meeting Elke Elouise I had already done 2 therapies without real success and for more than half my life I was suffering from an eating disorder and other negative and self-abusing belief systems. With the help of Elke I have overcome it all. Not only did I face and integrate those parts of myself that I thought to be unable to be healed, I have changed from the inside out. This is something, and I want to emphasize that once again, I thought to be impossible. I now see (AND feel) myself, life and the whole world/universe from a different point of view: I accept myself the way I am (which also includes my past), I am positive and I embrace life with all its ups and downs. I feel empowered and I take responsibility for all my actions, thoughts and feelings. And I have finally come to understand that I am a unique and beautiful being, as is everyone else. Elke’s process and her very spirit gently guided me towards realizing that all by myself. Elke really has a special gift and I want to thank her again for using it in order to help other people and guide them in finding their true and authentic selves..

I couldn't believe how fast and amazing each session made me feel.

Angel T. – Berlin, Germany

After having our first child, my husband and I started trying for a second one 13 months later. Well as the months kept passing and we were still trying, I was having a very hard time dealing with it. Not realizing how much it had taken over me and not realizing how much I had changed in myself over the years. I noticed I was not the same person that my husband had married 7 years ago. I didn’t like the person I had become and felt trapped. I was taking it out on my husband and would cry about what was happening to me. I felt so lost and knew I needed help. I came across Elke Elouise and her website on a google search. After reading the testimonials I knew she was someone who could help me find ‘myself’ again. I gave her a call and we clicked right off. I felt comfortable with her and knew she was the one to help me. I couldn’t believe how fast and amazing each session made me feel and help me get a little more of ‘myself’ back. Things started to just open up and happen in my life. I learned so much and especially learned how to just let those things go that I cannot control. I started to let life happen and started living life again instead of living anti-life. Then after 5 sessions within 4 months I have completed the process and finally came full circle in my life. I have never felt this kind of love for myself, my husband and my son. She truly bought back all the love I have and life I have and made it even better and has made me love everything there is to love about life. There is nothing wrong in my marriage and there is so much love and happiness there, but she made everything even stronger. Words cannot describe how she just makes everything even more complete and more beautiful. Before even seeing Elke I had never been to a therapist before and this was the best thing I could have done for myself. I can’t thank her enough and neither can my husband and family. She has a very amazing gift and I would recommend anyone to her seeking to find themselves.

She is truly amazing.

Paola D. – Los Angeles, USA.

Since my first session with Elke Elouise, I have bettered my life in every way. I’ve accomplished things I never thought were possible, my goals have become a reality & I am happier than I’ve ever been. She is truly amazing.

An exceptional teacher I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.
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Maeve D. – Paris, France

With self-respect and self-empowerment, Elke Elouise has opened my mind to see that I can shape who I am according to what I feel is right, instead of what is expected of me. Contrary to my fears and reservations, the feedback from family and close friends during this work has been overwhelmingly positive, and the comments have been of support and admiration. An exceptional teacher that I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.

Elke has a true gift.
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Shelley S. – Sydney, Australia

Elke Elouise is an amazingly talented life coach/therapist and helped me work through a rough time in my life last year. I truly believe when the student is ready, the teacher appears and she was that person for me. She is incredibly inspiring and motivating and made such a difference. Anyone who feels stuck in their life should go and see what this work is about. If you have any doubts about her intuitive abilities, she will put them to rest in one session. Elke has a true gift and I’m so glad that she has chosen to share it with others through her work.

Of all the different approaches to therapy I have come across Elke's is by far the most powerful and life-changing.

Karina H. – Denmark

Working with Elke Elouise has been one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. She has a deep and beautiful understanding of the human experience and has helped me to release, forgive and expand in ways I never thought possible. Of all the different approaches to therapy I have come across Elke’s is by far the most powerful and life-changing. It is healing in the most profound meaning of the word. Having recently turned much more towards a spiritual outlook I have also found in Elke a guide and teacher that I had deeply missed.

She has given me the tools to stop self-destructing.

Marc F. – Barcelona, Spain

Elke Elouise has been quite an experience. The work with her has been mind-blowing … What I mean is that she has helped me turn off my mind and listen to my body. I’ve learnt to tune into my “bad” emotions and feel the constructiveness underneath most of them. Other therapists I had in the past had brought me to think that I was supposed to do therapy for the rest of my life. My work with her is now over. She has given me the tools to stop self-destructing to look forward and really learn from every single life-experience. The message she teaches is more or less out there: half said in some books and hidden in some religions. But with her I got right to the root of it. It might have taken me 5-10 years of work to realize by myself some of the stuff that I learnt on my first 2-5 sessions with her.

Even though I was nervous at times, the result is that my relationships with my family are healed.

Dana C. – Los Angeles, USA

Elke Elouise has a loyal client base who when asked to write reviews on her behalf jumped at the opportunity. It is representative of our desire to ‘give back’ to the person who has given so much to all of our lives. I’ve been a client of Elke for years, and have done a tremendous amount of work, and as a result have experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth. I was fortunate enough to get to see her during my Saturn Return, which was particularly challenging… haha. For other matters, I spent many, many years in traditional and even spiritual therapy and had reached a standstill in my progress. I had family matters that I just could not get past. Then I began my work with Elke, followed the guidance even though I was nervous at times, and the result is that my relationships with my family members are healed. Now that Elke is no longer in my neighborhood I will be looking forward to our sessions via Skype, as they allow me to check in with myself and gauge my continual progress.

For this kind of work Elke is absolutely one of the best I know.

Mike K. – Berlin, Germany

Elke Elouise has developed a unique way of working with people. She taught me how to process the things I usually turn my head away from, and she did it in a very gentle but powerful way. Gradually I learned to feel what I, conscious or unconscious, did not want to feel, and what keeps me away from a full, integrated life. She keeps ‘digging’ in a friendly way, and sees what is behind the surface. It truly helped me to feel more whole, to feel better about myself. I learned how to accept those ‘difficult’ feelings and how to process them. And ultimately to fully accept my ‘shadow’ sides, just as they are. For this kind of work, Elke is absolutely one of the best I know.

She is the teacher that inspired me to stop analyzing and begin experiencing truth.

Clare Sophie. – London, UK

I was unsure about therapy. I knew I didn’t want a repeat of the draining conventional counselling I experienced as a teen but as I was about to become a mother, I felt drawn to try again. Elke Elouise took me on an amazing journey and opened up a new world to me, the one I had been looking for. I always felt a special energy after our meetings that lasted a while. The sessions were sometimes challenging, as was the homework and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It taught me how to use my own power to heal myself and how to access that whenever I need to. She is the teacher that inspired me and showed me how to stop analyzing and begin experiencing truth.

She is helpful, powerfully healing and profoundly intuitive.

Gillian Clark. – Los Angeles,USA

I wanted to give myself a very special gift when I was approaching my 40th birthday and I thought about going to traditional psychological therapy sessions. A client of my business suggested that I would benefit much more rapidly and have a lot more fun if I met with Elke Elouise instead. He had been through some very difficult times and was suffering deeply and he’d told me that his work with her had carefully guided him through this tender period. Being open, I gave her a call and interviewed her over the phone and within 8 minutes, I knew it would be a good, positive match for counseling in a new and unusual way. I proceeded to work with Elke weekly for 2 months and then she pronounced that I was completed in my work with her. (I have been in traditional therapy before and never has a psychologist let go of me as a client, bringing in money without a struggle to let go on their part!) Elke guided, facilitated and educated me in accessing, respecting and employing my own intuition and my own higher self to address all of my concerns. She works in a way that honors the highest good of all (and this is my highest intention as well.) I respect her and her work. She is helpful, powerfully healing and profoundly intuitive. I recommend her Intuitive Therapy/Life Coaching sessions highly.

Working with Elke is an amazingly challenging and rewarding experience.
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Malinda Z. – Los Angeles, USAo.

Working with Elke Elouise is an amazingly challenging and rewarding experience. The ways that you see the world and your place and function in it change dramatically and quickly, and life unfolds in a whole new way after working with Elke. I have sent several of my friends and family to her and they are always amazed by the work. If you are looking to break free of all the old habits and mindsets that encumber you there is no better coach than Elke.

Elke doesn't give you the answers, she does something even more precious, she teaches you to find your own.

Jessica J. – Berlin, Germany

I knew something had to change and that something was me; my mental and physical habits were unhealthy and redundant. After beginning working with Elke Elouise, not only did my eating disorder and melancholic tendencies vanish, but a new and positive life perspective entered. It is said that the truth is within us and that we don’t need to search for it anywhere else. The journey to finding oneself and one’s truth lasts a lifetime. That path can feel heavy, long, painful, and relentless. But with the right tools and strategies, one can feel joy and lightness on this trip. One can dance rather than crawl. Elouise doesn’t give you answers; rather she does something even more precious. She teaches you to find your own and to believe in them!

Meeting Elke and going through this process is one of the most important and beautiful things I have had the honour to experience.

Brett D. – Brooklyn, USA

Meeting Elke Elouise and going through this process is one of the most important and beautiful things I have had the honour to experience. Elke has a rare and wonderful gift. She is also a wonderful person. This process has enabled me to love myself. My experience of life has radically changed. I came to Elke desperately seeking some quiet relief from constant repetitive and negative thoughts. This was a nightmare, really. I am now so glad to have been through that nightmare, because it brought me here, and this is something I never would have believed I could say. I have learned a kind of self mastery (and with it a love for myself) from Elke that I will now be able to carry with me for the rest of my life. This is undoubtedly one of the best investments in myself I ever could have made. I came to Elke desperate and also to find some faint hope of starting to write again, I left having learned perhaps the most important lessons of my life. My writing, after having been through this, feels charged with a creative flow and ease which I am sure I never would have been able to achieve otherwise. My relationships with family, friends and my wife have all been given a great lift. I am sorry if this all sounds to good to be true. This was not an easy process for me, at times it has been pretty uncomfortable, but to anyone feeling afraid or unsure about how this work can help, and perhaps during the work as well, just keep on believing… the trust you will learn in yourself and the gift which comes through the uncomfortable times, means that rather than looking back on them with a tortured smile, you are able to be truly thankful for having been able to go through it all. Meeting Elke has changed my life, but I think she would be the first to say that she gives you the strength and tools to help you change your own life. This is the wonderful and empowering nature of this technique and Elke’s gift.